For educational or cultural events

Camping with a group

Primary schools and colleges, a club of car enthusiasts and a punk festival. Just a few examples of the groups that have visited Kerisole recently. A lot is possible at camping Kerisole.

Customization for groups!

Whether you organize everything yourself or leave it to us, a lot is possible at camping Kerisole


For most wishes regarding group activities or holidays for larger groups, we do have a solution. We are flexible, but we also enjoy well-organized activities. We would also like to actively contribute to this.


The costs for a group stay or group activity depend on various factors, with the number of participants and the number of camping pitches being decisive.

  • Pitch € 4.00
  • Car € 4.00
  • Guests (adults and children) € 4.00
  • Electricity € 4.00
  • Campervan € 4.00
  • Motor, trailer or boat € 4.00

The total price is negotiated.

A group of school children

It’s exciting to go camping

A special group

In October the local annual punk festival is held at the campsite. This event marks the end of the camping season.

More information?

Contact us if you want more information, to make a reservation, or if you have special requests.