Everything is possible


It is possible to reserve the camp partially or entirely for one or multi-day events

For everyone!

There are many sporting and cultural events in the vicinity of Kerisole campsite

Large area

Because the campsite has a large area, good sanitation and is close to Scaër, it is an excellent place to arrange accommodation for many people. This can be done in many ways: in our own tents, in large group tents or in the mobile homes, permanent tents and mobile homes that the campsite itself offers.

Customization possible

Contact us for planning, costs and organization of your event.

We can think along with you, we can take care of the organization or part of it, and we can give advice about the possibilities on and around the campsite.

Cultural events

Meeting association special vehicles, punk festival

Sporting events

Running and trial runs


French summer carnaval

More information?

Please contact us if you require more information, to make a reservation, or if you have special requests.